A Florida man was jailed Wednesday afternoon after investigators say he killed a lawyer while high on adult-themed nitrous oxide, the Miami Herald reports.

Joseph Franco, 27, accused of killing Amir Pelleg and injuring his wife and two young daughters, was charged with DUI manslaughter after Miami-Dade prosecutors determined he was under the influence of nitrous oxide when he ran over the family on a sidewalk in July 2018.

Investigators say Franco allegedly inhaled nitrous oxide, also known as “whippets,” before hitting the family.

Police found 12 used and nine unused canisters of the adult-themed substance in his bag labeled “XXX Platinum Triple Refined Cream Chargers,” which is apparently used to make whipped cream.

A witness told police they saw Franco step out of his car after swerving into the family. He was allegedly on the phone before dumping a duffel bag in a nearby garbage can, the Miami Herald reports.

Investigators believe the toxic product is used mostly for inhaling the gas, which gives users a euphoric jolt.

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