The iPad might be to blame if your kids are having trouble sleeping, according to a study published last year. Researchers found that the more time spent in front of a screen led to increased insomnia symptoms and shorter duration of sleep in adolescents. 

And less sleep leads to an increase in depressive symptoms in children.

The study used responses from 3,134 adolescents at an average age of 15 that reported their typical amount of time spent social messaging, web surfing, television and movies, and gaming while monitoring sleep and symptoms of depression. 

"These results suggest that parents, educators and health care professionals could consider educating adolescents and regulating their screen time as possible interventions for improving sleep health and reducing depression," principal investigator Dr. Lauren Hale, Professor of Family, Population, and Preventive Medicine at Stony Brook University Medicine, said in a statement.

A recent study in the Netherlands found that cutting off or limiting screen time two hours before bed resulted in better quality sleep in teens. 

“Adolescents increasingly spend more time on devices with screens, and sleep complaints are frequent in this age group,” Dr. Dirk Jan Stenvers said in a statement. “Here we show very simply that these sleep complaints can be easily reversed by minimizing evening screen use or exposure to blue light.”

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