A Georgia man is suing Burger King following claims the fast food chain's plant-based Impossible Whoppers are contaminated with meat due to being cooked on the same grills as meat.

According to Reuters, Phillip Williams, who is vegan, said he bought an Impossible Whopper at an Atlanta Burger King location but didn't realize it would be "coated in meat by-products" due to the use of the same grills. The lawsuit, which Reuters reports was filed in Miami federal court, is asking the fast food chain to "plainly disclose" the cooking process of the plant-based burgers.

Reuters reports Impossible Foods executives claims the plant-based burgers are not for strictly vegan or vegetarian consumers, but for people wanting to consume less meat in general. 

Burger King debuted the Impossible Whoppers earlier this year, in line with other fast food chains which have also been offering plant-based options.

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