If you're from Texas, Boston or New York, your accent is pretty irresistible. 

That's according to the folks at Big Seven Travel, who ranked 50 United States accents (who even knew that there were 50 U.S. accents?) in a recent list.

Texans ended up at the top of the list, citing Texans' slow drawl as the reason for its attractiveness. According to experts at the University of Texas, phrases like "down yonder" and "might could" are hallmarks of the Texas dialect, as well as often turning an "i" sound into an "ah" sound (for example, "right" would sound more like "raaaht"). And, of course, there's "y'all." My personal favorite as a native Texan? "Fixin' to," as in, "I'm fixin' to go to the grocery store." 

The second-sexiest accent comes from Boston, according to the list. Many Americans know what a Boston accent sounds like thanks to celebrities like Mark Wahlberg, who has a strong accent. Boston accents usually include dropped R's — we've all heard the "pahk yuh cah in Hahvahd yahd" joke, after all.

Following the Boston accent is the New York accent, which can vary by borough and can often be recognized by elongated "aw" sounds ("talk" sounds like "tawk"), dropped R's and hard G's. Interestingly, the list ranked nearby Long Island as the least sexy accent.

Also making the top 10 list for residents with the sexiest accent were Maine, Chicago, Mississippi, Hawaii, Philadelphia, St. Louis and California.

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