New year. New emoji. 

The list of animated characters coming to iPhone and Android users in 2020 was recently announced, and among the notable additions is a smiling face with a single tear, people hugging and the transgender flag. 

The Unicode Consortium, which selects new variants each year, shared the full list on Wednesday, and the lineup includes more gender-inclusive symbols and figures that spotlight conservation efforts. 

In total, 117 options will be added this year as part of the "Emoji 13.0" rollout. 

There are 62 new characters and 55 new gender and skin tone varieties being added. Usually, the emoji updates are pushed out in the fall, after operating systems, internet platforms and smartphone makers incorporate the figures into keyboards.

So, you'll have to wait a while before you can seamlessly use them.

The upcoming symbols and characters include a realistic-looking set of lungs, bubble tea and a hand with pinched fingers. Animals additions include a mammoth, a dodo bird, a polar bear and a worm. You'll also get emoji that better represent non-binary people who don't identify as male or female. 

Other gender-inclusive options include both men and women in tuxedos and in wedding dresses. The lineup includes the transgender flag, which was proposed by Google in March 2019. 

It usually doesn't take long for society to decide that some of the emoji better represent situations beyond their intended use. In 2018, the internet went wild over the Woozy face emoji, with many people speculating what it represents.

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