South-central Kansas placed in heat advisory with high temperatures until Thursday

Greg Williams
Butler County Times Gazette

On Monday, July 26, there were much-needed showers and thunderstorms in south-central Kansas, however, it was mostly in Wichita and Wellington. 

After the storm, high temperatures and a triple-digit heat index are back in the area. There has been a Heat Advisory throughout the state of Kansas from now until Thursday. 

However, steamy temperatures could potentially carry through Saturday. 

The heat and humidity will increase across the region on Wednesday and Thursday with dangerous afternoon heat indices expected. 

On Wednesday, the high could range from 95 to 100 and the heat indices will range from 102 to 107. Thursday's temperature will be between 97 to 102 and the heat indices will range from 97 to 102. 

During excessive heat, people should find air conditioning, avoid strenuous activity, wear light clothing, check on family members and friends, drink plenty of water, watch for heat cramps, exhaustion and stroke, then never leave people or pets in closed doors. 

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National Weather Service heat index for Tuesday, July 27