Inexperienced Thunderbirds overpowered by Trinity

Peter Holland Jr.
Circle's Landon Metzger kickoff the ball after a foul play by Wichita Trinity Academy. The Knights defeated the Circle High School boys soccer team 20-0 in the season opener on Friday, Aug. 28 in Wichita, Kansas.

WICHITA — The Circle boy’s soccer team went into 2020 season young and inexperienced, and it showed in a 20-0 shutout to Wichita Trinity Academy on Friday evening.

The match only lasted one half as the Knights went on a shooting spree after putting up three straight goals in less than five minutes. More than three Trinity Players put up more than three goals individually.

“We need to learn how to be a physical team, and we need to get our fitness up,” Circle head coach Andrew Stauffer said after the game. “There are areas in the backline that we needed to fix. But it was starting to get fixed during the game. But overall, it was just, experience. We needed that experience, and that’s what I told the boys. It’s going to be three or four games in before we start figuring ourselves out.”

The T-Birds only suited up 13 players with only one senior on the roster. Circle has been shutout three of the last four season openers Despite being overpowered by last season’s state semifinalists Class 4A, Stauffer saw some hope in his T-Birds as they continue to fight on the rest of the half. One included a shot-on-goal attempt by Camden Beahm.

Goalkeeper grant Ledbetter may have been overwhelmed by Trinity’s offensive firepower but did record six saves.

“We had moments of greatness. Camden Beahm had a shot 20-yards out that somehow scared the goalkeeper,” Stauffer said. “When we got the ball off Landon Metzger’s foot, good things started happening, and we started moving the ball forward. So there’s moments in that 40, that we looked good. Now the moments are far and a few in between, but we just need to put all those moments together.”

The T-Birds look to press the reset button next week Tuesday when they take on Arkansas City High School at home at 6:30 p.m.

Circle 0;X - 0

Wichita Trinity 20;X - 20