Playoff scenarios for all Butler County schools

Charles Chaney
Butler County Times Gazette

As we head into the final week of the regular season, we did our best to try and breakdown every best and worst scenario for each Butler County team heading into the playoffs.


Goddard (6-1) at Andover (4-3)

Can be no lower than 11th but as high as eighth. A loss and a Goddard Eisenhower win over Valley Center will create a tiebreaker scenario based on point differential. A win over Goddard pushes Andover into a chance to host a home game in the first round.

Andover Central

Andover Central (5-1) at Arkansas City (2-5)

Has secured no lower than the second seed in the West.

If Andover Central beats Arkansas City and Augusta beat McPherson, Andover Central will be the one seed.


Augusta (3-4) at McPherson (6-1)

If Augusta beats McPherson, it could create a three-way tie for sixth place and that would be broken on point differential.

A loss could drop Augusta to as low as 11th due to tiebreakers.


Garden Plain (6-1) at Bluestem (0-7)

Bluestem has been eliminated from playoff contention.


Buhler (3-3) at Circle (1-4)

With a win over Buhler, Circle could reach as high as ninth in the West.

A loss, coupled with a few upsets can put Circle as low as the 15th seed.


Douglass (3-2) at Belle Plaine (3-4)

Douglass can move to the fourth seed in District 6 with a win over Belle Plaine and a Chaparral loss to Kingman.

Douglass is eliminated with a loss.

El Dorado

El Dorado (3-2) at Winfield (1-6)

El Dorado clinches No. 3 seed with a win over Winfield.

If El Dorado loses to Winfield, they will finish anywhere from third to seventh in the bracket due to point differential tiebreaking scenarios.


Flinthills (0-7) at Udall (2-5)

Flinthills has been eliminated from playoff contention.


Remington (2-5) at Elkhart (2-5)

With a win they are the three seed in District 4.

With a loss, Remington will be the four seed.

Rose Hill

Rose Hill (4-3) at Independence (1-2)

With a win over Independence, Rose Hill will finish no lower than fourth in the West.

A Rose Hill win and an El Dorado loss pushes Rose Hill to third in the West.

A loss would send the Rockets into a multitude of point differential tiebreakers. Rose Hill can finish anywhere from fifth to eighth with a loss.