Week 4 honor roll in Butler County

Charles Chaney
The Jaguars offensive line was dominating all night on Friday, Sept. 25. Andrew Mann (66), Dawson Howard, (56), Nate Peak, (55) and Drew Daniels (68) head to the line in Friday's win over Goddard

It was a rough week for wins in Butler County, as only two teams found the winning column. However, we still had some big time performers on Friday night.

Andover Central offensive line - Friday’s Starters: Nate Peak, Andrew Mann, Drew Daniels, Dawson Howard, and Landon Coy

Last week they made the honor roll and I didn’t put their names. I don’t often put the names due to leaving someone out. I made a deal, I’ll put the names if they repeated last week’s performance.

They went above and beyond.

Nate Peak, Andrew Mann, Drew Daniels, Dawson Howard, and Landon Coy are all juniors, except Landon who is a senior were the big difference on Friday night. They were the engine that drove the Jaguars to 291 yards rushing against Goddard on Friday night. They had two 100-yard rushers and kept Chase White safe.

The Jaguars only threw the ball eight times in a game where they didn’t have to. The offensive line provided the blocking to a very successful running game.

The O-Line has let the Jaguars rush for 545 yards over the last two games.

Spencer Nolan - Rose Hill

The senior was an everything back for the Rockets in their 28-26 win over Augusta.

While he had 180 yards and scored four touchdowns, the most impressive moment was the pressure he put on the extra point in the third quarter, forcing it to veer left and miss. Nolan rushed around the left side, diving, forcing the kick wide and eventually forcing Augusta to go for two.

Nolan appeared unstoppable as he scored four touchdowns in the first half and probably would have scored a fifth one if the officials did not bring back a pass due to an illegal man down field.

Jacob Rees - Andover Central

Rees was one of two players who ran for at least 100 yards. He had 141 yards on 11 carries and scored a touchdown. His 70-yard touchdown in the fourth was key to the Jaguars beating Goddard on Friday night.

Ashton Barkdull - Andover Central

Barkdull is not to be out done by his teammate, Rees. He had 143 yards and a touchdown as well. His 84-yard gallop in the fourth quarter gave the Jaguars some breathing room late in the fourth quarter.

Zach Wittenberg - El Dorado

The Senior pounded away at the Buhler defense all night, caring the ball 33 times for 158 yards. While he did not score, he was often the key contributor to El Dorado’s success on third down, as they went 7-of-12 on third downs.

El Dorado offensive line

Like before, I don’t want to leave anyone out but the Wildcats rushing game ran for over 300 yards against a really tough Buhler team. Four different players had at least 26 yards rushing.

Ryan Andrews - Augusta

Ryan Andrews was the truck that helped manuever the offense in their loss to Rose Hill. He had 103 yards rushing and scored a touchdown in the first half. However, his 78-yard reception, all of it was yards after catch, brought the Orioles within a 2-point conversion of tying. Andrews finished with 109 all-purpose yards and two touchdowns.