California JUCOs move sports to Spring, NJCAA recommends same

Charles Chaney
Butler County Times Gazette

On Thursday, the California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA) voted unanimously to push football and other fall sports to the spring, in an unprecedented move due to COVID-19.

The CCCAA originally met back in June, hoping to be able to set a time frame for football and other sports in the fall as they were originally scheduled. However, due to the rising cases in the state of California, the association pushed the decision date back to July. That’s when the decision was made.

Football, the most predominant sport in the fall, will begin play on Feb. 13. Basketball, which many consider a winter sport, will also be moved and will start on Feb. 5.

Sports are going to be moved into two different spring phases: early and late spring. Baseball, softball and track and field are the three big sports who were moved to “late spring.” They will begin play on April 10.

The board will meet Friday, July 17 to address decisions to whether or not they will play a full schedule or play 70 percent of the schedule. For football, a regular schedule is 10 games plus one scrimmage. A 70 percent season would be seven games and one scrimmage.

It’s unknown what the NJCAA will do with their upcoming season as many conferences and regions from around the country have canceled their in-person media days. Teams cannot have players on campus until late July.

Currently, the NJCAA Presidential Advisory Council, along with Parker, and the NJCAA board of regents are recommending a majority of the NJCAA competitions be moved to the spring as well. This statement was released before the CCCAA had made their official announcement.

According to Christopher Parker, the NJCAA President and CEO, Individual regions will discuss changes prior to the NJCAA board of regents meeting on July 13 where an official plan of action will be decided.

“We must adjust accordingly to support and sustain NJCAA programs,” Parker said in an official statement. “The association as a whole is collectively working to provide the best opportunities to be successful on and off the field for our student-athletes.”