Flinthills Mustangs win wild triple overtime road game against Oxford Wildcats

Charles Chaney
Butler County Times Gazette
Flinthills scores the third most points in school history on Friday night

If you wanted scoring, you got scoring as Flinthills beat Oxford in three overtimes on Friday night in a back-and-forth tussle. The Mustangs came out on top when Brandon Gleason powered his way into the end zone on a 2-point conversion attempt in the third overtime, giving Flinthlils the 70-68 win.

That's right, 70-68.

It's the most points Flinthills has scored in a game since they beat Chetopa, 72-24, on Oct. 19, 2007. It's only the fourth time in school history they've hit 70 or more points (70 vs. Hartord 1970; 72 vs. Elk Valley 1996).

"It's this awesome senior class," Flinthills head coach Chase Casteel said. "I'm lucky to have been gifted this class. Those seniors put this team on their shoulders and in overtime."

Flinthills fell behind on multiple occasions but never wavered. They responded each and every time Kyan Morris did something fancy for Oxford. 

Whether it was Gleason, Hunter Lowmaster or Tayler Brown, Flinthills had a response.

"The biggest take away is we are starting to prove we can do it," Casteel said. "We focused on offense this week and you see, 70 points."

Flinthills finally saw the field flip in their favor in the fourth quarter when Gavin Girty forced a fumble at midfield and Tiler Slaughter-Scott fell on the fumble.

"The fact that we were down 14 in the second quarter, we are starting to show our new identity," Casteel said. "We're not going to give up when we're down. We're going to punch and punch back hard."

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Flinthills responded with a touchdown run by Gleason for their first lead of the game with  10:21 remaining in regulation. 

Brown scored on a 1-yard run 4:36 remaining to give the Mustangs a 50-42 lead but Oxford would score on a 17-yard touchdown pass with under a minute and convert the 2-point conversion to send the game into overtime. 

Morris was involved in all three touchdowns for Oxford in the overtime sessions, which is much like the college format where each team takes turns alternating possessions until someone wins. 

The biggest difference in the overtime session came on the game's final play. Gleason was able to convert on a two-point conversion after Flinthills came up empty the first two tries. 

"If it not been for his knee injury, he would have been a large part last year," Casteel said. "We've been trying to play him where he won't be banged up because he's such a force for us."

The win moves the Mustangs to 2-2 on the year as they are now 1-0 in the 8-man District 2 standings. 

Next week, Flinthills will host seventh-ranked Chase County (4-0). If they want to have a shot at a playoff game, they'll have to win that one and take one of two games between Central Burden and Udall.

"I would really like to win a home game on Friday night," Casteel said. 

Flinthills 70, Oxford 68 3OT



O - Kyan Morris 1-yard TD run (Morris run)

F - Tayler Brown 8-yard TD run (run fail)

O - 8-yard TD pass from Morris to Peyton Rush (run fail)

O - 3-yard TD run by Morris (run good)

F - 4-yard TD run by Brown (run fail)

F - 21-yard TD pass from Hunter Lowmaster to Conner Sigg (run good)

O - 2-yard TD run by Logan McLain (run good)

F - 1-yard TD run by Brandon Gleason (run good)

O - 33-yard TD run by Morris (run fail)

F - 8-yard TD run by Gleason (run fail)

F - 10-yard TD run by Lowmaster (run good)

O - 7-yard TD run by Morris (run fail)

F - 1-yard TD run by Brown (run good)

O - 17-yard TD pass from Morris to Rush (pass good)

O - 2-yard TD run by Morris (run fail)

F - 1-yard TD run by Gleason (run fail)

O - 10-yard TD run by Morris (run fail)

F - 6-yard TD run by Gleason (run fail)

O - 7-yard TD pass from Morris to Rush (pass fail)

F - 10-yard TD run by Hunter (run good)

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