Seventh-ranked Andover Central Jaguar soccer picks up win over Wichita Classical

Emmie Boese

The Andover Central boy's soccer team started off their season with a win at home as Jaguars beat the Classical School of Wichita 3-1 on Friday night.

Their overall record for the start of the season is 1-0. 

Central started the game with a lot of momentum in the first half. The majority of shots on goal went to Central throughout the game based off the opportunities they created in the buildup off the attack. 

Sophomore Cooper Carman sparked Central’s scoring with a goal towards the middle of the 1st half. Carman scored off a cross made by his teammate that deflected off one of Classicals defenders. He then finished it in the back of the net. Sophomore Nate Stephens followed closely after with another goal to make it a 2-0 game. 

However, towards the middle of the game Central’s starting striker, senior Leo Wurth, went down with an injury. Head Coach Steven Huskey said he felt like it affected how his team played for the rest of the game. 

“I think it started off really well you know getting a couple early goals but then I think we saw a change when our starting striker went down and attitude and hustle you know, and confidence doesn’t help to give away a penalty kick, but we had to find a way to calm down,” Huskey said.  “It started really well but then it got rough there in that middle section.”

Leading up to Classical’s penalty kick in the second half, one of Central’s defenders made a pass back to the goalie, and then fouled Classical in the box. Classical executed on their penalty kick making it a 2-1 score. 

Huskey said he didn’t see the foul from his point of view but that the refs said Central took the legs out from underneath one of Classical’s players.

“You know you create your own mistake there and pay the price it’s tough you know,” Huskey said. “I don’t think it reflected the game that they would be able to score a goal, but it happens.” 

Towards the end of the second half, Senior Jared Cromly scored for Central to close out the scoring for the rest of the game. 

Huskey said overall how the game played out for Central was due to a lack of finishing at the net. 

“I thought we did a really good job moving the ball in attack, just getting that final shot,” Huskey said. “I don’t think we had a lot of great shots. You know the ones that we did went in. We created good opportunities they were just quick to close us down. They were physical, and I think we kinda rushed to get those shots off as opposed to playing around that pressure and finding something better. 

Central will play next at Wichita Trinity Academy on Monday, Aug. 30. Trinity is currently ranked No. 2 in Class 4A in Kansas.