Letter to the editor: U.S. must lead global response

Staff Writer
Topeka Capital-Journal

The new COVID-19 bill in Washington failed to include any real international response to the coronavirus. That's a huge problem because this pandemic is affecting everyone worldwide. As a leader in global health, the United States needs to urgently respond to protect hard-fought gains in global health in low-income countries.

The United States and Congress needs to provide the funding to support countries that are suffering greater detriments because they don't have access to vaccines for malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS. People also don't have access to proper nutrition either, which leaders to starvation and death.

We have to remember that during this pandemic, all other issues can't be forgotten. We need to strengthen our actions to improve global health and remember that COVID-19 is affecting everyone worldwide. We can't dismiss the international urgency that is needed.

Global challenges are solved with partnerships. Whether it's a pandemic or other ongoing global health crises, we need strong responses from our leaders. I'm counting on Sens. Roberts and Moran to make sure our country does its part in a global response to this global pandemic.

Mercedeh Tavacoli, Lawrence