Letter to the editor: How to learn more about evolution

Staff Writer
Topeka Capital-Journal

I am writing in response the John Wojakowski’s editoral questioning evolution. It is easy to ask questions about and misquote articles on evolution, but it is not as easy to explain the complex science supporting it. It can’t be done in an editorial, but I would like to refer your readers to several online articles that refute his propositions.

The first is “Four Famous Transitional Fossils That Support Evolution” by Shaena Montanari” on www.forbes.com. Wojakowski’s claim of circular reasoning is both bad science and bad logic.

The second article is “The Fossil Fallacy” by Michael Shermer at www. scientificamerican.com. Shermer states that “we know evolution happened because of a convergence of evidence from such diverse fields as geology, paleontology, biogeography, comparative anatomy and physiology … and many more.” Fossils are but one line of inquiry.

The third article is “Did 90% of Animal Species Appear about the Same Time as Human Beings” published at the website Biologos. The conclusion Wojakowski stated is nowhere given in the article quoted by him. This article asks if the title claim is true and concludes “The answer is no.”

Wojakowski’s report on the University of Michigan’s results reveal as lack of insight regarding the time frame of evolution. Evolution occurred over hundreds of millions of years, so 1.5 million is the blink of an evolutionary eye.

Science is too complex to be discussed in the editorial page, but I hope this rebuttal will be printed.

Janet Stotts, Topeka