Letter to the editor: Voting is best way to make change

Staff Writer
Topeka Capital-Journal

Michael Gerson’s recent column said very well what has been troubling me about the Trump presidency. Gerson referred to the moral vacancy of the Trump coalition. He focused particularly on recent racist statements. Another conservative commentator George Will said recently that we need to vote President Trump, as well as his supporters in the Senate, out of office.

Trump has no moral center. He has no sense of truth. He fires anyone who disagrees with him. He insults anyone not under his employ who disagrees with him. His only interest is himself and his political base.

Many Trump supporters are aware of his shortcomings but continue to support him because of a particular religious dogma or a particular political agenda. Their approach seems to be the end justifies the means. This approach is as dangerous for the spiritual well-being of our country as it is for our democracy.

Our democracy, too is at risk. We have a political party that is attempting to suppress the vote. They are forgetting about the basic balance of power put in place by our founding fathers.

If you are concerned about this situation, the best thing to do is vote. You can avoid exposing yourself or poll workers to COVID-19 by requesting advance ballots. You can check your voter registration and request advanced ballots for the primary and the general election at KSVotes.org. The appropriate ballot will be mailed to you prior to each election. The completed ballots can be returned by mail.

Elvera Johnson, Topeka