Letter to the editor: This Democrat has an opinion

Staff Writer
Topeka Capital-Journal

Just call me a worthless useless Democrat who loves to see people sitting at home caged up like animals, because I choose to listen to the many scientists who tell the truth who have nothing to gain by doing so and everything to lose like their jobs for doing so.

These doctors and scientists already knew the consequences of going against a despicable human being who has no values, morals, empathy, sympathy for anyone except himself. What a pathetic human being he is. This biological rabid skunk (I mean no disrespect to the skunk population) has somehow, very successfully, taken away the American Dream and brought 49% of the population to its knees believing every sadistic, deranged, vial and over 18,000 lies that spew from his mouth.

When I go to a store here in Salina, it breaks my heart to see very few people wearing masks who are not only Republicans, but many of my Democrat friends. Understand this, Americans, by not wearing a mask to prove you live in a free country and think you have the right like our cult leader Trump and his cronies to commit crimes, separate families, furthering the already senseless hardships for people of color or ethnic groups is immoral. Humanity crimes like this and the unwarranted deaths it will cause will go unpunished, "until Judgment Day."

"Make America great again — what do you have to lose?“ What a sad and pathetic America we live in. The United States of America is a country to be pitied.

Ron LaBarge, Salina