Fully funding Kansas education lets rural school districts support student success. It also helps the economy.

By Michael Argabright
Special to Gannett Kansas
Michael Argabright

My name is Michael Argabright, and I am superintendent of schools in Southern Lyon County USD 252 representing the communities of Hartford, Neosho Rapids, and Olpe. I have 35 years of experience in public education with the past 15 years in Southern Lyon County.

Thank you, Gov. Kelly, for fully funding the past three fiscal years and guaranteeing funding through 2023 in Kansas public schools. Supporting a three-year funding plan allows rural school districts across the state to implement and sustain programs to support student success.

The cost of living increases have provided additional stability to sustain and improve public education.

In many rural communities, school districts are the largest employer. A sustained funding program not only allows proper planning and the tools for students and educators succeed, but sustained funding also provides economic development across Kansas.

Providing long-term funding for public education will help support a stronger and skilled work force to fill Kansas jobs.

Our teachers in Kansas feel valued and appreciated because of Gov. Kelly and her outstanding support for education.

The youths of Kansas should continue to be the priority as we build for the future. Valuing Kansas children strengthens future generations towards a strong workforce that will be the driver for the Kansas economy.

Gov. Kelly recognizes the importance of public education to give every child a chance to contribute and be successful as an adult.

Not only has Gov. Kelly kept her promise to our students, she’s worked to expand broadband, reinvest in our essential services, make our roads and communities safer, and rebuild our economy through strategic investments.

Thank you, Gov. Kelly, for visiting public schools across the state and listening to the needs of superintendents. We appreciate how you champion students and educators across Kansas.

Gov. Kelly’s dedication and leadership through difficult times is commendable.

Michael Argabright is in his 35th year in education and 16th year as superintendent of schools for USD 252 Southern Lyon County.