City council: No youth home in Mullinville

Hannah Brown
Special to the Kiowa County Signal
The Mullinville City Council decided to move on from Jim Turner's proposal to turn the Mullinville School Building into a boy's home and voted not to continue the discussion at their May 18 meeting, putting an end to speculation.

MULLINVILLE—It’s been an option on the table for two years, but Monday, May 18, the Mullinville City Council finally put an end to the speculation and possibility of working with former resident Jim Turner to put a youth home into the old Mullinville school building.

“We were not getting what we asked for in letters of intent and no plans in writing,” said Tom Daniels, Council President. “We have dealt with this for two years and weren’t any closer than the day Jim brought the idea to us, so felt is time to move on and not discuss it any longer.”

Turner, who had proposed financing a group home for young people in the orphanage system in Kansas, hoping it would be an economic benefit for his hometown, seemed surprised at the outcome of the regular city council meeting.

“I thought they were in favor of the proposal, but apparently not,” said Turner.

He also said he felt this was a missed opportunity by the council to bring new people to a withering population and was a way to revitalize the town.

Turner said he was not going to give up on his plan to start a boy’s home, but after the council’s decision, it won’t happen in Mullinville.

Council members discussed other city matters and regular business agenda items in their meeting, but declined to talk any further about the youth home proposal.