Here are the unofficial results from the 2021 city/school election in Butler County

Greg Williams
Butler County Times Gazette
"I Voted" stickers await voters to cast their ballots on Election Day Nov. 2, 2021.

Here are the unofficial tallies from election day in Butler County. The tallies will be updated throughout the days until they are finalized by Nov. 8th.


City Council

Winners: Mike Warrington, Michael "Homer" Henry, Joseph Forred

USD 385 District 1 Position 4

Winner: Josh Wells

USD 385 District 2 Position 5

Winner: Tim Brunson

USD 385 District 3 Position 6

Sales Tax Question - Information on the Andover website.

Winner: YES


City Council Ward 1

Winner: Eric Birk

City Council Ward 2

Winner: Robert "Bob: Bailey

City Council Ward 3

Winner: Kip Richardson

City Council Ward 4

Winner: N/A

USD 402 At-Large

Winner: Angie Johnston, Darrel Kohls, Susan D. Hostetter

USD 402 Unexpired Term

Winner: Amy Wells


USD 205 At-Large

Winners: Jason Dohrman, Erika Long, Kirk Emmons, Brett Jurging

Board of Trustees

District 1 Position 4

Winner: Linda Jolly

District 2 Position 5

Winner: Kim Braungardt

District 3 Position 6

Winner: David A. Sherrer


USD 462 Position 4

Winner: Jake Liebau

USD 462 Position 5

Winner: Bob D. Cook

USD 462 Position 6

Winner: Matthew Tatum

USD 462 At-Large

Winner: Isaac Ferguson

Cassoday City


Winner: David Hinde

City Council

Winners: James M. Vaught, Lequita J. Nelson


USD 375 District 4

Winner: Chris Hoefer

USD 375 District 5

Winner: Jordan Buxton

USD 375 District 6

Winner: Kristy Evans


Recall Question

Winner: YES



Winner: Michael L. Shirley

City Council

Winner: Jaycen Sanderson, Kandyce D. Gunther

USD 396 At-Large

Winners: Brent E. Nispel, Leslie G. Braddy, Katherine McCosh, Troy G. Starr

USD 396 Unexpired Term

Winner: Spencer Linville



Winner: Clinton Clark

City Council

Winner: Cheri Busenitz, Larry Lago

El Dorado


Winner: Bill Young

City Commission Position 1

Winner: Kelly Tetrick

City Commission Position 3

Winner: Leon Leachman

USD 490 At-Large

Winners: Sharon K. Wright, Roger L. Smith, William D. Rinkenbaugh


USD 389

Winner: Brian Mongeau

Flint hills

USD 492 District 1 Position 4

Winner: Nicholas Carr

USD 492 District 2 Position 5

Winner: Joshua M. McNary

USD 492 District 3 Position 6

Winner: N/A



Winner: Curtis Kernes

City Council Position 1

Winner: Connie Beals

City Council Position 3

Winner: N/A

City Council Position 5

Winner: N/A


Winner: YES


City Council 

Winners: Darcie Gomez, Kyle Hrabe, Geralyn L. (Schuetz) Ebersohl


USD 398 At-Large

Winners: Hannah B. Bourbon, Tiana Gaines, Mollie Partridge


City Council

Winners: Jerry Bennett, James J. Howell Jr., Heath Austin


USD 206 At-Large

Winners: Jeff Klaasen, Tom Sommers, Luke Amend

Rose Hill


Winner: Gary Weaver

City Council

Winner: Robert Varner

USD 394 At-Large

Winners: Kylene Roberts, Jon Newman, Janet Fine

USD 395 Unexpired Term

Winner: Heath Wallis



Winner: Jennifer Shaults

City Council

Winners: Holly R. McAdoo, Chris Stanyer



Winner: Brady Gragg

City Council

Winner: Kenneth Stringer

Greg Williams has been the reporter for the Wellington Daily News and Butler County Times-Gazette since May 2021. You can reach him at or on Twitter at @GregWilliams28.