El Dorado and SAM, LLC have begun its GIS Project to better prepare the city's infrastructure

Greg Williams
Butler County Times Gazette
GIS Project map in El Dorado

The City of El Dorado and SAM, LLC have started their GIS Project today, Nov. 3.

The project was approved on Sept. 9, 2021, where this will allow the City to get a stronger GIS system put in place. The cost is $120,507 from the Sewer Fund and $33, 396 from the Water Fund.

Developing a comprehensive GIS program for El Dorado is for maintaining and managing the city’s utility infrastructure assets. This will better prepare El Dorado for future infrastructure projects and operational tools for more efficient utility maintenance.

The cost is $120,507 from the Sewer Fund and $33,396 from the Water Fund.

According to El Dorado, the project will last a couple of months.

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