Augusta Park Advisory Board makes changes to restrooms hours due to another vandalism incident

Greg Williams
Butler County Times Gazette
Vandalism inside the bathroom at Garvin Park

Throughout much of this year, the Augusta community has been plagued with repeated and senseless acts of vandalism throughout its community park system.

These acts have included repeated instances of spray-painting the play structures at various parks, spray-painting graffiti on the walls and picnic tables at the concession stand in Garvin Park,

There have been repeated instances of spray-painting obscenities on the walls of our public restroom facilities and our flood protection system, and repeated acts of destructive behavior that have resulted in costly damage to public restroom facilities.

This behavior has resulted in a considerable expense of public tax dollars to repair the damage caused by the vandalism in order for the City of Augusta to continue to provide high-quality parks services for our citizens and guests.

This past weekend, Augusta experienced an unfortunate increase in destructive behavior with vandals breaking restroom stall doors off the hinges in the men’s restroom in Garvin Park.

Not only does the destructive behavior result in unnecessary expenses of tax dollar funds to repair, but it has diverted Parks Division staff from completing their regular duties, oftentimes requiring overtime to clean and secure the facilities.

In a Facebook post, the City of Augusta stated

Over the past six years, the Park Advisory Board and the City Council have made a significant commitment to improving our park system. It is disturbing to see the lack of respect those responsible for these acts have for our community.The continued vandalism has unfortunately led to the difficult decision to restrict access to all public restroom facilities until greater security measures can be put in place. Effective immediately, all public restrooms throughout all our parks will only be available for public use Monday – Friday, 7:00am to 4:00pm. While we recognize this will be an inconvenience to many, the continued destruction of our parks and the growing costs to repair must be prioritized.

If anybody has any information regarding those involved in the continued vandalism to the parks and the public restrooms, please contact the Augusta Department of Public Safety at (316) 775-4500.

Greg Williams has been the reporter for the Wellington Daily News and Butler County Times-Gazette since May 2021. You can reach him at or on Twitter at @GregWilliams28.