Title work at both Butler County Motor Vehicle offices are currently unable to process

Greg Williams
Butler County Times Gazette
Butler County courthouse and Treasurers offices

The Butler County Treasurer's Office reports that due to an update in the State's Motor Vehicle system both Motor Vehicle offices are currently unable to process title work at this time in Butler County.

This includes the Western Office Butler County Office in Augusta and the Butler County Motor Vehicle Office in El Dorado.

Although title work cannot be performed, many other transactions can still be processed. Transactions that can be performed include:

  • Renew license plates
  • Update your address
  • Receive or replace disabled placards
  • Process a lien release
  • Obtain a 60 Day or Inspection permit
  • Process a plate refund

Please contact the Butler County Treasurer's Office at 316-322-4210 to sign into QLess to get in line to have your transaction processed.

Online sign-in to Motor Vehicle QLess is currently unavailable; signing into QLess for Motor Vehicle transactions must currently be done via calling the Treasurer's Office.

The Driver's License office is unaffected by this issue.

Greg Williams has been the reporter for the Wellington Daily News and Butler County Times-Gazette since May 2021. You can reach him at GWilliams@gannett.com or on Twitter at @GregWilliams28.