Mill and overlay project has begun at the El Dorado Civic Center Parking Lot

Greg Williams
Butler County Times Gazette
Mill and overlay project for the Civic Center Parking Lot

Work began on Tuesday, Sept. 7 on a mill and overlay project for the Civic Center Parking Lot.

The milling should be completed by the end of the day, followed by repaving and striping, which should take a few days.

During this project, parking is available on the east side of the Civic Center.

This project was funded by the Sales Tax Dollars. 

El Dorado collected $2,683,572 in 2020 from the one-cent sales tax. The City has already spent $600,000 on the streets, $1,650,000 on property tax reduction, and $100 on economic development. 

This leaves El Dorado with $334,814 in excess sales tax.

The recommendations were $50,000 on the McDonald Stadium Project Bank, $19,890 on the Chelsea Bike Path, $55,000 on the Central/East/Lake bleachers, $80,000 on Forest Park improvements, $92,439 on paving the south side of Sunset Cemetery, and $37,483 on restroom concession facility at a ballpark that's to be determined. 

The spending was approved by the City Commission. The planning will begin this year and will be completed in 2022. The City encourages residents to support their neighbors and friends by shopping locally.