El Dorado Police Department offers safety tips to students returning to class on Wednesday

Greg Williams
Butler County Times Gazette
Passing a stopped school bus can mean a fine, but those tickets are only written in Newton when the violation is witnessed by law enforcement. A new bill in the Kansas Legislature could mean cameras placed on busses that would lead to tickets.

Kids will be heading back to school on Wednesday and the El Dorado Police Department is reminding everyone to use caution when out on the streets. 

The police department is asking drivers to slow down in the school zones and keep all of the kids safe, but here are a few other tips for those students heading to school. 

When walking to schools, students should walk on the sidewalk whenever one is available. If there's no sidewalk, students should walk facing traffic on the street. 

Before crossing the street, look left, right, and left again to see if any cars are coming. Students should stay alert and never walk while texting or using an electronic device. When walking across the street, don't wear earbuds.

When riding a bicycle to school, students should ride on the right side of the road in a single file line. Before crossing the street, riders should come to a complete stop and stay alert. 

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Lastly, when riding the bus to school, students should stand six feet away from the curb when the bus is arriving. Make sure you can see the bus driver and the driver can see you before crossing the street in front of the bus.