Warrant issued for man last seen in Wichita area, wanted on drug charges in Butler County

Greg Williams
Butler County Times Gazette
Robert Adam McCurry, 33, wanted in Butler Country for Possession with Intent to Distribute

The school year starts next month and to prevent kids from buying and using drugs, the Butler County Sheriff's Office has used Robert Adam McCurry for their Warrant Wednesday.

McCurry, 33, is charged with possession with intent to distribute and is wanted by  warrant division in Butler County. The drug McCurry has was classified as a a "hard" drug, making this a felony case.

McCurry is known to live in the Wichita area. He is a white male, is 5-foot-11, 190-pounds, with brown hair and blue eyes. 

His previous crime history only pops-up in Marshall, Texas (Harrison County) and Longview, Texas (Gregg County). In Harrison County, McCurry was arrested in 2005 for credit card / debit card abuse, In Gregg County, He was arrested in 2006 for theft.

If you know where Robert McCurry is or anyone else that has a warrant, contact the Butler County Warrant Division at 316-322-4282.