Butler County Sheriff Monty Hughey honored to be part of 4-year old Logan Ward's Make-A-Wish lake trip

Greg Williams
Butler County Times Gazette
Logan Ward (in Sheriff's hat) with his family and Sheriff Monty Hughey (right)

Four-year-old Logan Ward has spent the majority of his life battling cancer and visiting the hospital for other medical issues.

Logan was born two months premature and he spent almost two months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). He then went on to have hernia surgery. 

At nine months old, Logan was diagnosed with stage three liver cancer. Through 2018, he spent all year in the hospital on a feeding tube. He had a tumor resection and gall bladder removal. 

However, Logan isn't letting cancer get in the way of being a kid.

Logan's wish was to get a camper, head to the lake and have fun with his friends. Unfortunately, due to Make-A-Wish's requirement, they couldn't assist the Ward family. 

Make-A-Wish requires that the child has to be within one year of treatment when he reaches the required age. Logan was two months past that date. 

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Family friend, Chris Brown, was one of the first to help Logan with his wish. Later, the Wards started a GoFundMe page. 

Eventually, the Wards raised enough to get the camper for Logan and his friends to enjoy the day at the lake. 

Butler County Sheriff Monty Hughey and his police department met with Logan and his parents on Sunday, July 11. They showed up with gifts and helped Logan and his friends enjoy their day.

"Logan is a great kid," said Sheriff Hughey. "He's very respectful and is your typical four-year-old kid. He bounces off the walls and it was a great experience meeting Logan."

Logan is scheduled to undergo his eleventh surgery this fall. He and his family are thankful for the help and support they have been getting.