97 years ago, a tornado swept through Augusta and claimed one fatality and $2 million in damages

Greg Williams
Butler County Times Gazette
Rubbish and debris from the Augusta 1924 Tornado

Augusta, Kansas - On this date, 97 years ago, the City of Augusta was struck by a tornado that left the town with rubbish and debris.

It was Sunday, July 13, 1924, when the tornado swept through Augusta. The tornado touched down from the north and west. There was hardly a building on Main Street that escaped undamaged. 

Hundreds of residences were wither unroofed or twisted from their foundations and smashed to splinters.

The damage estimated at $2,000,000. The property damage to the city was placed at $1,500,000 by F. Kimball, a building inspector of Wichita. 

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Another area that suffered heavily was the oil field district, which was estimated at $500,000 in damage.

The causality list stood at one death and three injured. R. F. Scott was the only known victim when a brick building collapsed and buried her in the debris. Her husband was trapped in the debris but lived with serious injuries.

There were four people other people that were reported to have lost their lives in the storm. However, they were located in the Augusta Hospital in dangerous conditions.