Fire in Downtown Augusta destroys family business and home; family asking for donations

Greg Williams
Butler County Times Gazette
Augusta Fire Department examine the fire damage at the apartment

AUGUSTA, Kansas - On Monday, July 5, at approximately 12:30 p.m. a fire broke out in Downtown Augusta above the Dream Weavers Salon and Spa.

Above the salon is an apartment where Dan Eberhart and his family lived. The home went up in flames and the family business is severely damaged after the ceiling caved in due to water damage. 

Eberhart was using the restroom when all of a sudden he heard the smoke alarm and his son announcing, "The bedroom is on fire! It's on fire!"

Eberhart rushed into the bedroom and attempted to smother the fire with a blanket. He was able to stop the fire on the mattress but the floor was challenging. 

The floor wasn't easily extinguished, so Eberhart ran and got water. However, throwing water on the fire made things worse. The fire kept spreading.

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Once the lights went out and the flames were growing beyond control, that was when Eberhart decided the family needs to evacuate, let the neighbors know and dial 911. 

When evacuating the home, Eberhart was trying to search for his cat. However, he couldn't find him and the cat did not make it out. 

The fire department arrived at the scene approximately seven minutes after they dialed 911. It took around 10 minutes before the fire department could begin battling the fire. 

After a couple of hours, the fire inspector deemed it safe for the family to return upstairs and get everything they needed out of the apartment. 

The family is looking for all the help they can get. They have two fundraiser programs. One of them is on Facebook called "Help Dan's Personal Emergency Fundraiser" and the other is on GoFundMe with the title "My home burnt down. Need help rebuilding".

The goal is to raise up to $20,000 as they clean up from the debris and rebuild.