Streets Division to apply micro-surfacing treatment to Moyle Street in upcoming months

Greg Williams
Butler County Times Gazette
Augusta sign on State Street

AUGUSTA, Kansas - The City has recently received inquiries about the work that is being done on Moyle Street by the Augusta Streets Division.

Employees are currently working through Moyle Street removing and replacing deteriorated asphalt that has led to the creation of potholes. They are replacing the top two inches of asphalt along Moyle Street from Fanny to Belmont.

This work, which should be completed in the next week or so and have minimal impact on traffic, is in preparation for a micro-surfacing treatment to be applied to Moyle Street by a contractor in the next few months.

Augusta is contracting with Proseal Inc. to perform a micro-surfacing treatment on Moyle Street from Fanny to Belmont. This is a life-extending treatment that uses a slurry mixture to preserve and protect the underlying pavement structure and improve the friction and permeability of the driving surface.  

Proseal will apply this treatment sometime within the next few months and will send a notice to all residents along the project route at least 24-48 hours in advance. This notice will have full details on the treatment process and what impact it will have on traffic.

The application of this micro-surfacing treatment should take only one or two days. If you are curious what micro-surfacing looks like, the treatment was previously applied to Lunger Road south of the Highway 54 Overpass.

Please contact City Hall at 316-775-4510 with any questions about street repairs.