Calling Caylee Hammack fans — the winner of El Dorado's Medallion Hunt could meet country singer

Greg Williams
Butler County Times Gazette

As part of El Dorado's 150FEST, the City partnered with their friends at El Dorado Elks Lodge to host a Medallion Hunt beginning Monday, June 28.

Clues will be posted on the Experience El Dorado Facebook page every day next week (beginning Monday) at 9 a.m. The clue posted will lead you to a historical or culturally significant location in El Dorado.

The clue you find at the location will then give you a part of a riddle that will lead you to the medallion. These clues will be in plain sight. 

Once the medallion is found, message Experience El Dorado or call City Hall to report you've found the medallion and they will authenticate the find.

Winners will win the ultimate summer ticket package with more than $700 worth of tickets for events all summer including the next Elk's dinner theater production and four VIP tickets to El Dorado's 150FEST.

El Dorado and El Dorado Elks Lodge hosting Medallion Hunt beginning Monday, June 28

This includes front row seating, dinner, drinks and a personalized experience with the headliner, Caylee Hammack.

The medallion will be hidden on public property. No tools or digging will be necessary to find the medallion. The medallion will be outdoors. El Dorado has not released the photo of the medallion yet.