City of Augusta is looking for people who vandalized Robert Shryock Park

Greg Williams
Butler County Times Gazette

On Tuesday, June 22, the City of Augusta posted a video of vandalism/graffiti at Robert Shryock Park on the playground, flood control structures and in the public restrooms.

The city employees are working to keep with the cleanup but need help. The city is asking if you see or discover any activity similar to what happened at the park, please report it immediately to Augusta's public safety department. 

Facebook users on the Augusta Facebook page have tried to see if they could come together and find the artist, but no luck yet. However, there was a tip.

One user noticed at around 9 p.m. on Monday that five teenagers (four male and one female) were hanging out in the back of a black pickup truck. Two of the males were violently rattling two fence posts. The vehicle was backed into a parking slot near the entrance of the park.

Augusta is asking if anyone has information on the "artists" who vandalized Robert Shyrock Park to please report them.