Freya Study Club host its final meeting of 2021 and announced 2021-22 officers

Greg Williams
Butler County Times Gazette
Freya Study Club May meeting hostesses (left to right): Janice Shaffer, Cherrie Kehler, Barbara Dankert and Danice Jones

EL DORADO, Kansas - The Freya Study Club member met for their final meeting of the year at the home of President Barbara Dankert. It was a May morning and the Club members enjoyed assorted loaves of bread, muffins, cake, fruit salad and egg casserole. 

Members also got to a sunny day on the patio after many rainy days in May. There were special thanks to co-hostesses Janica Shaffer, Janice Jones and Cherrie Kehler for the setup. 

Dankert began the meeting with the flag salute and club collect, then Treasurer Jane Doornbos went over the financial report. Deb Wheeler, secretary, read the minutes from the April guest day, which were approved as read and there was no correspondence.

Freya Study Club 2021-22 Officers (left to right): Deb Wheeler, Doornbos, Cherrie Kehler and Marlene Rethman

Marlene Retherman passed around sign-up sheets for the committees and hostess duties for the 2021-22 year. Dankert gave a brief recap of the year and stated that the Freya Study Club had five of the nine scheduled meetings. November, December, January and February meetings were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Shaffer conducted a brief ceremony for the installation of officers for next 2022. They are Marlene Rethman, President; Cherrie Kehler, Vice President; Deb Wheeler, Secretary; and Jane Doornbos, Treasurer.

Members present included Michelle Banks, Jennifer Callaway, Carolyn Connell, Barbara Dankert, Robyn Dick, Jane Doornbos, Fata Hand, Jo Hess, Bobbie Jaax, Janice Jones, Cherrie Kehler, Elaine Murphy, Paula Pepperd, Marlene Rethman, Janice Shaffer, LaDonna Snook, Bernie Spradling, Kelsey Sundgren, and Deb Wheeler.