El Dorado and KDWPT will interview consultant firms for its Destination Recreation Master Plan

Greg Williams
Butler County Times Gazette
People enjoying the beach at El Dorado Lake

EL DORADO, Kansas — The City of El Dorado and Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KDWPT) has received interest from five consultants for the El Dorado Destination Recreation Master Plan at El Dorado Lake.

El Dorado and KDWPT have decided to interview Confluence and PEC before proceeding with negotiations with one of the remaining firms. The cost of the development of the master plan will range from $60,000 to $192,000.

The City will use this as an opportunity to plan out and enhance the recreational amenities at El Dorado Lake.

The plan must provide guidance to El Dorado and partnering entities on appropriate implementation for development plans for the area encompassing the City and the Lake. 

El Dorado's criteria are based on experience, previous work performance, capability to provide services and proposed cost.

In all public forums, the consultant will take the lead role with workshops, meetings and hearings. The expectation is that the consultant will utilize a variety of methods to gather input from stakeholders in the community, town hall meetings, public hearings, open houses and social media. Also, the consultant will furnish all required labor, materials, supplies.

El Dorado and KDWPT hope to have a decision made and a scope of services negotiated in the next few weeks with the goal of having the efforts started by August. It's estimated that it could take a year once the work is started. 

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In 2021, the El Dorado Lake Division of the KDWPT updated its five-year plan for the environs under management by the KDWPT. This plan ensures that development at El Dorado Lake conforms to the Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan 2020.

There were will two phases once the completion of a contract for services and deliver the executive summary.

Phase I will include evaluation and review of existing land uses and recreation amenities, having a general map showing potential locations for recreation offering in the City and at the lake, description of barrier to development and strategies to facilitate implementation, then the executive summary and findings on the conceptual future development and recreation facilities. 

Phase II will include a list of potential projects that enhance the outdoor recreation offerings in El Dorado including the lake area. The cost projections of recommendations with an outline of possible funding sources and the feasibility to sustain any improvements. This will include the economic value back to El Dorado's local businesses.

The community will need assessment based on recreational trends, regional market analysis and stakeholder engagement.