Makin' pizza

Deanna Bonn
Gambino's Manager Toni White teaches Girl Scout Troop #41235 how to make a pizza.

At Gambino's Pizza in El Dorado, music is always on the menu.

“Before we get started,” announced Manager Toni White, “We have to decide on the most important thing.”

Girl Scout of Kansas Heartland Troop #41235 looked around at each other — as if wondering what pizza toppings they’d choose.

“What do we listen to?” asked White.

The unanimous choice was “The Greatest Showman.”

With music playing on the speakers, White began teaching the activity they had come to Gambino’s to learn. Girl Scout troop #41235 visited Gambino’s April 10 to learn how to make pizza.

Troop member Janessa Knapp kneads the dough for a pizza crust.

“We had a great time singing and dancing and learning about making pizza,” White said. “I love working with groups of kids. I love children and I love doing things to help teach them about being in the kitchen."

For the record, the scouts did need to pick toppings for their own pizza as part of the process of learning how the dish is made. 

“We get them in the kitchen and teach them about the equipment,” White said. “Then they get to make their own pizzas.”

The Troop Leader is Rosie Carter and Assistant Troop Leader is Kristi Knapp and the troop members in attendance were Natalie Carter, Olivia Greene, Arabelle Hughes and Janessa Knapp.

Each Girl Scout troop member got to add their own toppings before Gambino's Manager Toni White put them into the oven.

“Gambino's Pizza is the absolute best,” said Assistant Troop Leader Kristi Knapp. “Our girls had so much fun making their own mini pizza.” “I’d like to give special thanks to Ms. Toni for being so kind and teaching us how to be safe while having fun in the kitchen. We also had the privilege of meeting the new owners and they are so very kind.”

Troop members, clockwise from bottom left, Olivia Greene, Natalie Carter, Arabelle Hughes, Janessa Knapp, enjoying the fruits of their labor.

White said she loves working with school age groups and private pizza making activities can be scheduled by contacting Gambino’s Pizza at 316-322-8827.