Cowan to acquire Clifton firm

Times-Gazette Staff

Chad Cowan, MBA, CPA, a Senior Tax Manager in the Wichita area has announced his plans to acquire the firm of Michael Clifton, CPA in Augusta. Cowan, 34, in his previous role spanning 14 years with David E. Jabara, CPA provided tax planning, accounting, and business advisory services.

Clifton began to contemplate some form of “slowing down” after having heart surgery in May 2018. As Clifton considered his retirement, he became aware of Cowan’s interest in owning his own firm. After much deliberation, Clifton decided the opportunity to bring in such an experienced and knowledgeable young professional was the best plan of succession for the firm he established in 1987.

“Cowan’s knowledge, experience, and demeanor in how he approaches and interacts with his clients is just what I was looking for -- someone to continue to take good care of my clients in the same fashion as how I have approached the care of my clients over the many years of my practice,” Clifton said. “I truly believe my clients couldn’t be in better hands.”

During the transition of ownership from Clifton to Cowan, the two will be working side by side to ensure a smooth transition for both the clients as well as the staff. Clifton’s main goal is that his successor has the opportunity to get to know every client during the transition. In his own words, “I’m not going anywhere for some time,” confirmed Clifton.

“It is the desire of both Chad and myself to see a smooth transition for all clients as each deserves the continued level of service they are used to, if not better. I am anxious for my clients to meet Chad and get to know him on both a personal and professional level. I know they will be very impressed with him”