Life savers: El Dorado police recognized for efforts

Staff Writer
Butler County Times Gazette
El Dorado Police Sergeant Sean McCormick a was presented a life saving medal by Police Chief Kurt Zieman.

Two members of the El Dorado Police Department were recognized this week for their efforts that saved lives.

Life Saving Medals were presented to Sergeant Sean McCormick and Detective Lieutenant Maggie Schreiber were presented by Police Chief Kurt Zieman before officers were recognized at the most recent El Dorado City Commission meeting.

In addition, a Certificate of Commendation was presented to Patrol Officer Brett Sanchez for his role in a drug investigation.

On Feb.24, 2020, emergency units were dispatched to a 24-year-old Code Blue in El Dorado. McCormick immediately responded to the scene and found the male unconscious, not breathing and turning purple. He began chest compressions until arrival of El Dorado Fire and Butler County EMS. Officer McCormick was able to obtain information on what the subject possibly ingested and relayed that information to medical personnel.

According to Zieman, McCormick’s quick actions were instrumental in saving this man’s life.

On April 22, 2020, Schreiber was dispatched to a motel for an unknown call. Upon arrival, people were waving her toward a room.

Inside, Schreiber observed a man lying on the floor profusely bleeding from his thigh.

She located the wound and applied pressure to stop the bleeding as the victim was going in and out of consciousness. She was able to determine the victim’s wound was from a gunshot. Butler County EMS arrived and transported the victim to the hospital.

EMS advised if Lt. Schreiber had not stopped the bleeding, the victim likely would have died.

On Jan. 30, 2020, Patrol Officer Brett Sanchez was dispatched to a suspicious person hiding a motorbike in a drainage ditch. Sanchez was able to locate the suspect after he drove away in a vehicle. Through e handling of a criminal investigation and subsequent search, Sanchez located illegal narcotics, a stolen firearm out of Wichita and several other items of paraphernalia, which are now off the streets.

El Dorado Police Detective Lieutenant Maggie Schreiber  a was presented a life saving medal by Police Chief Kurt Zieman.