Retro returns for a night in El Dorado

Caelin Bragg
Many attendees meet and chat in front of Jimmy's Egg in El Dorado, Kansas on Friday, June 5, with each other into the evening. The meetup lasted from 7 p.m. to sunset Friday evening.

Jimmy's Egg on Central Ave. got a blast from the past when dozens of old-school cars came to its parking lot on Friday night.

The meetup was a way for car-buffs to get the enjoyment of a car show while many are still concerned about COVID-19.

“It’s been done two times before this year since the corona issues,” David Smith, an attendee of the meetup, said. “This was a way to get everybody out of the house and other ways to get the clubs to get together without worrying about social distancing.”

Over 100 people came out over the course of the meetup, with many others driving by to catch a peek.

Many from around the county showed up to the meetup, with some coming from as far as Wichita.

“It’s been great to do this since we haven’t been able to socialize here much in the last few months,” Mike “Doc” Treweeke, another attendee, said. “But this seems a little bit safer than some of the things, and of course we’re opening up now, and that’s good to hear.”

Attendees started gathering just after 7 p.m. and remained steady around 40 people until sunset.

During the meetup, the Black Lives Matter protest could be seen just before 8 p.m. across the street, during which, they began watching as they marched from Butler Community College to the courthouse.