North Butler 4H meets

Chad Frey
Butler County Times Gazette

The North Butler 4-H Club met on May 10th, 2021 at Emmaus Church in Whitewater at 7:00 pm. The meeting was called to order by President, Desiree Ingalsbe. Cora Brackenridge led the Flag Salute and Ella Amend led the 4-H Pledge. Roll Call was answered by “My Favorite Flower is...” by 16 members. Secretary and Treasure’s reports were read. Debora Claassen, Club Leader, read the Leader’s Report. She congratulated Selah and Ivy Patton on joining the club and recognized Madi Hepner, Shelby Henley, Ella Amend, and Anna Klingenberg for having a birthday in May. She reminded the members that the Mini Fair was June 3rd from 6-8 pm and there would be games and lots of fun. Shelby Henley moved that the North Butler 4-H Club start their program and Rustin McLaughlin seconded the motion. The program started with Rustin McLaughlin leading the club in singing “Old McDonald”. Hadley Miller presented a Show and Tell over a doll house that her Grandpa made her when she was a baby. Shelby Henley did a Parliamentary Procedure over reminding the Club “How to Second”. The club then listened on to a Project Talk by Caleb Klingenberg over “How to Feed a Bucket Calf” he plans to show at the fair. Chase Arts did a Project Talk over his “Goat Project” that he is going to show at the fair and some of his fair experiences. Harley McLaughlin then ended the night by bringing the Club outside the see her market steer “Cash”. She did a Demonstration teaching the club how to “Brush your Steer” and some of the brushes she uses for the fair. Recreation was led by Hope McLaughlin playing “Red Rover”. Refreshments were served by the Arts Family. The next scheduled meeting is June 14, 2021 at Emmaus Church.

: Harley McLaughlin teaching the North Butler 4_H club how to “Brush your Steer"

- Club Reporter, Ella Amend