Freya club meets

Chad Frey
Butler County Times Gazette

After four months of cancelled Freya meetings due to the COVID 19 pandemic, Club members met on March 19, 2021, at the home of Janice Shaffer. Co-hostesses were Jo Hess, Dana Brooks, and Jann Ziegler who served delicious key lime pie.

From left , Janice Shaffer and Cynthia Sheldon.


A fascinating program on dyslexia was presented by Cynthia Sheldon, Janice Shaffer’s daughter. Cynthia shared information on how language comprehension and word recognition work together when we learn to read. She explained that dyslexia is a problem of sounds, not vision, and talked about what can be done to help typically bright children who have this learning disability.

From left Janice Shaffer, LaDonna Snook, Janice Jones, and Robyn Dick.

President Barbara Dankert opened the business meeting with the flag salute and club collect. Deb Wheeler had the roll call and read the minutes from the October meeting which were approved. Deb also reported on several thank you cards she had received. The Courtesy Committee report was given by Anna Vestering. Our next meeting will be on April 16th, at noon, in the Dankert Room at Butler Community College. A slate of officers will be presented at that time. As there was no further business, Anna Vestring moved that we adjourn and Jann Ziegler seconded.

Members present included Michelle Banks, Dana Brooks, Barbara Dankert, Robyn Dick, Jo Hess, Bobbie Jaax, Janice Jones, Elaine Murphy, Janice Shaffer, LaDonna Snook, Bernie Spradling, Marsha Todd, Anna Vestring, Deb Wheeler, and Jann Ziegler.

— Deb Wheeler, Secretary