Area sunflower patch welcomes shutterbugs

Deanna Bonn
Sierra Marie Bonn, Miss Southwest, with Diana Burress.  Bonn first learned of the sunflower field when she represented the community as Miss Augusta 2019.

It’s sunflower season — a season of about 10 days in length when the symbolic flower is in full bloom.

Diana Burress and her husband, Walter, who plant these flowers each year, open their field to the public for free for family photos and senior portraits.

“I love sunflowers,” Diana Burress said. “Many years ago, my husband planted a few sunflowers around the house for me to enjoy and I would invite my clients and their families to come and take pictures. “

Burress is a Realtor located in Augusta.

“After a few years, he started planting out in this field and more people started coming, just by word-of-mouth,” she said.

Burress keeps her clients and the public informed when the field is in bloom through her Facebook page “Diana Burress - B Realty Realtor/Broker”

Their sunflower field is located southwest of Augusta off Thunder Road and 115th Terrace and is free and open to the public.

“We don’t charge people to come and take photos,” Burress said. “Otherwise, it would be like every other sunflower field and we aren’t like everybody else.”

Sunflowers are in bloom for approximately 10 days in August each year.