Andover author publishes first book

Chad Frey
Megan Deppner of Andover has just published her first book, "Photographs of October." The book is a novel set in the Flint Hills. [COURTESY IMAGE]car

Growing up in Andover, Megan Deppner developed a love for the state of Kansas. That love became more focused in her college years and has resulted in the publication of her first book.

“In college I spent a lot of time on the Konza Prairie walking and hiking. I also come from a family that loves to go out and explore Kansas, the outdoors,” “That gave me a lot of time to meditate and do thinking on the Flint Hills. I think it such a beautiful region.”

Something she wanted to focus on as she wrote — and then published — her first novel.

“Kansas is underrepresented and misrepresented in fiction and in Hollywood. I wanted to get a better picture of the spirit of Kansas out there,” Deppner said.

Called “Photographs of October,” the book tells the story of a photographer in Kansas.

“The book tells the story of a photographer at a Kansas University who faces an impossible deadline, and the burden of the past that she learns as she goes along,” Deppner said.

Her next book will also be set in Kansas, likely in the Wichita area and featuring a dirt track driver as the protagonist.

An office worker at a landscaping company in Andover, Deppner spends about an hour a day writing — and most of her weekends writing as well.

“I have always wanted to be a writer,” Deppner said. “I have been writing stories since I was a kid and put pen to paper. It evolved.”

It took about nine months of work to get her book published. She chose what she calls a ’hybrid“ route. Self-publishing the book, she hired a a cover designer, interior designer and editor before getting the book on the press.

She earned both an undergraduate and graduate degree in creative writing from Kansas State University.

Deppner said she has traveled internationally, and left Andover for college. However, the hometown keeps beckoning her back.

“I just cannot stay away,” Deppner said. “I feel like it is a great place to grow up and it has been a great place to springboard to other travel, but I just keep coming back.”

Currently the book is available online, and at some local bookstores.

“Independent bookstores can find it and get it for anyone who asks,” Deppner said.