The board of teams met on this week to try and make a decision on whether or not to play Kansas Collegiate League Baseball this summer. That decision? To wait a bit longer.

The team owners met on a Zoom Conference call and made the decision to wait it out and see what the state’s decision on the stay-at-home order which expires on May 3.

“We’re trying to hold out,” Kansas Cannons Owner/General Manager Rod Stevenson said. “We have people in Augusta calling and they’re curious on our start time. We are trying to wait.”

The leagues wait as the season was set to at the end of the May, with the Cannons playing at the new Riverfront Ballpark in Wichita against the Liberal Beejays on June 5.

As most leagues have pushed their starts either out, some have canceled. The famous Cape Cod League shut down operations for the 2020 season for the first time since World War II.

There have been talks throughout the KCLB and other leagues in Kansas on how to approach and play baseball this season. Whether that be playing with no fans or playing with fans spaced out. A discussion is continuing the schedule where the season starts and cut off the missed games and start the season as if nothing was missed. By playoff time it could be as if nothing was missed.

For now, the Kansas College Leagues will hold out. They wait for good news to come either the federal or state governments.

“We’re hoping to play ball this season,” Peterson said. “We care about safe first and foremost.”