COFFEYVILLE, KANSAS – He shook many hands. He hugged a ton of people, for Butler head coach Kyle Fisher, it was a homecoming of sorts. The former Coffeyville assistant returns to Nellis hall for the first time since leaving for the Butler head coaching position in April.

"I’m not nervous," Fisher said. "It was weird scouting some of the sophomores I recruited but once the game starts, that’s all I’ll be worrying about."

Fisher was an assistant under hall of fame head coach Jay Herkelman for seven season and during that stretch the Red Ravens were good. How good? They won the league for times and made the NJCAA Final Four another time.

Coffeyville is where Fisher’s kids were born. It’s where he met his wife. The 28-year old made memories inside Nellis Hall and within the community.

"Kyle is a great young man," Coffeyville resident Marilyn Wolf said. "We’re happy to see him be successful."

While he’s a sought-after guy before the game, both Fisher and those within Coffeyville know what’s at stake, a win in the Jayhawk. As the Grizzlies have clinched the second seed in the East, Coffeyville has their own playoff position to worry about.

"Yeah, we root for Butler when they’re not playing Coffeyville," Wolf said. "We are all Red Ravens tonight."

There’s memories here and victories here for Fisher. The applause for when he was announced but at the end of the day, a game is the most important.

"Were happy for Kyle," Coffeyville Athletic Direct Jeff Leiker said. "He’ll always be a part of the Red Raven family."

Fisher has his eyes on the bigger prize as Butler has shined under the direction of Fisher. The Grizzlies are arguably the hottest team in the Jayhawk and they have eyes for bigger things than just a Region VI title.

"I’ve said it all year, a championships is our goal," Fisher said.