It's the final week of the regular season and almost every team is battling for playoff positioning. Only Remington-Whitewater has been eliminated from postseason play so far. Let's get into the five-minute guide to the final week of the regular season.

Augusta at El Dorado

Augusta is in the neighborhood for some home playoff games if they can secure a win against El Dorado. The Orioles sitting at 3-4 need a win to secure that. If they lose, it could be in the middle of some chaos.

If Augusta wins, they secure a home playoff game. Mathematically, the Orioles could move up to fifth. Realistically, they’ll probably move up to sixth. Ulysses, who’s in fifth plays winless Abilene. Mulvane hosts Wellington, that’s a toss up game. Currently, they’ll host Coffeyville if things stay. With seven teams at 2-5, that’s probably not going to happen. According to Massey Ratings, Augusta has a 90 percent chance at winning.

If El Dorado wins they’ll move to 3-5 and like the Augusta scenario, there would be a lot of teams at 3-5. If everything else goes as planned, Goddard, Independence, and Coffeyville all win, the Wildcats could see their position jump as high as 10th due to point differential.

Prediction: Augusta 28, El Dorado 12

Goddard at Andover

The Trojans are not in a good spot and you can blame injuries on that. Andover will host Goddard on Friday night. They have some options if they can pull out a victory. The only thing really determined for Andover is they’re going on the road next week.

If Andover wins, they will have secured no worse than 14th place. Where they could end up will be determined on a bunch of other teams. If things go according to standings, they’ll be 10th or 11th. If that was to happen, they could be facing Salina Central or a rematch with Goddard Eisenhower.

If Goddard wins, they'll be in a good position to have a home playoff spot. After being No. 2 early in the rankings, the beat up Lions would redeem their season. If they can win by more points than Coffeyville is going to win by (if the Tornadoes win), they'll most likely host a playoff spot. If they lose, the Lions will fall into the chaos of a 2-5 warzone that has seven different teams vying for playoff positioning. 

Prediction: Andover 17, Goddard 14

Wichita Independent at Remington-Whitewater

This one is here or one reason only: for someone to get a win. 

Both teams are bitten by the injury bug and are looking to get a victory. The battle of the 0-7 teams should be a good one. Simon McKee's Mustangs changed up the offense midway through the year and are seeing a bit better results on the offensive side. They've played a really tough schedule in teams like Garden Plain and Conway Springs. They're hoping to see victory on Friday night.

Independent is in a similar state. They're beat up and they've played some tough teams. There have been games where the opponent weren't so tough and they've just had the pants beat off them. So, this bodes well for Remington-Whitewater.

According to Massey Ratings, Remington is a 97 percent favorite. 

Prediction: Remington-Whitewater 21, Wichita Independent 14

Independence at Rose Hill

The Rockets control their own destiny in a way. At 2-5, they can win and put themselves in a prime position for a chance at a home playoff game. It's a long shot but a definitely a possibility. Coach Lee Weber has the Rockets heading in the right direction.

If Rose Hill wins, they’ll have a shot because of a decent point differential. If everything goes to plan, there will be only one spot moved up. They need some upsets to go their way. They need El Dorado and Wellington to pull some upsets. If they do that, they could host a playoff game. Coffeyville losing could help as well.

Independence has two wins this season and they're in a similar situation. They're 2-5 but their point differential is just a shade better. The Bulldogs can steal a win and get a playoff home game, too with some help. This game is interesting and is really for a lot of marbles.

Prediction: Rose Hill 28, Independence 14