With the final week of the regular season about to kick off, we decided to break down playoff potentials for all of the teams within Butler County. 


Current: 13th
Record: 2-5
Week 8: vs. Goddard

The Trojans are not in a good spot and you can blame injuries on that. Andover will host Goddard on Friday night. They have some options if they can pull out a victory. The only thing really determined for Andover is they’re going on the road next week.

If Andover wins, they will have secured no worse than 14th place. Where they could end up will be determined on a bunch of other teams. If things go according to standings, they’ll be 10th or 11th. If that was to happen, they could be facing Salina Central or a rematch with Goddard Eisenhower.

If the Trojans lose, they can finish anywhere from 13th to 16th. Kapaun is the 16th seed currently, they play Heights on Friday night, so expect Heights to hold on and keep 16th out of play for Andover. They’ll likely stay at 13th if everything falls how it is supposed to. 

Andover Central

Current: 2nd
Record: 6-1
Week 8: at Arkansas City

The Jaguars are in a situation where they’re sitting pretty. The teams below them at No. 3 and 4 are playing each other this week. They have a team they should beat soundly. So, that’s where they are at. Plus, they play on Thursday night, so they will be able to sit back and watch the chaos happen.

If Andover Central wins, they could take over first place if they win by 13 or more and McPherson loses by 13 or more. McPherson plays Circle. Expect Andover Central with a win to stay put at No. 2. They’ll host in the first round with a win or a loss. 

If Andover Central loses to Ark City, there could be some chaos. Buhler (No. 3) and Winfield (No. 4) play each other. Central has a 15-point advantage, so there could be some worries if Buhler wins by a handful and the Jaguars lose by six or seven. They cannot fall lower than four mathematically. Realistically, they would not fall lower than third. 


Current: 7th
Record: 3-4
Week 8: at El Dorado

The Augusta Orioles sit in a precarious position. Currently, they’re hosting a playoff game next week. They play rival El Dorado on Friday night and it’s a huge game. With a loss, they might fall into the bottom half of the West side and will travel on the road. 

If Augusta wins, they secure a home playoff game. Mathematically, the Orioles could move up to fifth. Realistically, they’ll probably move up to sixth. Ulysses, who’s in fifth plays winless Abilene. Mulvane hosts Wellington, that’s a toss up game. Currently, they’ll host Coffeyville if things stay. With seven teams at 2-5, that’s probably not going to happen. According to Massey Ratings, Augusta has a 90 percent chance at winning. 

If Augusta loses, chaos. Absolute chaos. If El Dorado beats Augusta, there could be tons of different scenarios. Augusta’s point differential of minus-19 puts them in a bad spot. Assuming  El Dorado beats Augusta and Goddard, Mulvane, Independence, and Coffeyville all win, that would put five teams at 3-5.  Then, it’ll come down to point differential and Augusta would probably drop one or two places because of that and have to go on the road to one of those teams mentioned above. 


Current: third Class 1A-2
Record: 1-6
Week 8: at Marion

The Lions are coming off a rough week but everyone in the district is going to make the playoffs but it’s all about where they finish. They’ll get an opportunity to either finish third or fourth in 1A-2 depending on how they do at Marion on Friday night. 

If Bluestem wins they’ll finish third and then they’ll travel to Uniontown or St. Mary's Colgan next week. 

If Bluestem falls, they’ll finish fourth in 1A-2 and will travel to the winner of Uniontown or St. Mary's Colgan. 


Current: 15th
Record: 1-6
Week 8: vs. McPherson

The Thunderbirds are 1-6 and sit 15th in Class 4A’s West division. Unlike Augusta’s situation, there isn’t a lot going their way as they head into the postseason. They’ll play the No. 1 seed currently McPherson on senior night.

If Circle wins, that’s a huge upset. Their point-differential puts them in the bad spot but ultimately they could move up to as high as 11th.

If Circle loses they could finish either 15th or 16th. Abilene is No. 16 and is not expected to be Ulysses, so a loss doesn’t really hurt the T-Birds here.


Current: fifth, Class 2A-5
Record: 2-5
Week 8: at Belle Plaine

The Bulldogs are not in a good position. They have to travel to Belle Plaine and the other two teams they are tied with play each other on Friday night. 

If Douglass wins, they’ll create a bit of havoc. It would force a 3-way tie for two positions. It depends on the victories. If Fredonia beats Neodesha, it comes down to points as Cherryvale plays Eureka. If it comes down to Cherryvale, Douglass and Fredonia, the points would push Douglass out. If it’s Neodesha instead of Fredonia, they’re in at the fourth spot. 

If Douglass loses, they’re out of the playoffs.

El Dorado

Current: 14th
Record: 2-5
Week 8: vs. Augusta

The Wildcats are in the opposite position of Augusta. While they’re going on the road, it’s depending on where they are going. A loss isn’t much different but a win can provide some up in the air scenarios.

If El Dorado wins they’ll move to 3-5 and like the Augusta scenario, there would be a lot of teams at 3-5. If everything else goes as planned, Goddard, Independence, and Coffeyville all win, the Wildcats could see their position jump as high as 10th due to point differential.

If El Dorado loses, there isn’t much different than what you see now. The Wildcats are 14th and will stay 14th as there isn’t a lot different from those below can do. The win over University Academy (Mo.) is looking mighty fine right now for El Dorado. 


Current: 8-Man I-1
Record: 1-6
Week 8: at Oswego

The Flinthills Mustangs are in the middle of a playoff battle that saw them at the bottom before they knocked off West Elk last week. The Mustangs can get themselves into the playoffs with a win on Friday night.

If Flinthills wins, they put themselves right in the playoff position. That depends on the outcome of the West Elk-Sedan game. If Flinthills and Sedan wins, they’ll finish fourth. If Flinthills wins and West Elk wins, Flinthills is out. 

If Flinthills loses, they’re out. 


Current: Class 2A-6
Record: 0-7
Week 8: vs. Wichita Independent

Remington-Whitewater has a chance to end their season on a high not but unfortunately they’ve been eliminated from any playoff chance.

Rose Hill

Current: 11th
Record: 2-5
Week 8: vs. Independence

The Rose Hill Rockets have a chance to move up to a home playoff position with a win over Independence. They’re one of seven teams that are 2-5 heading into the final week. 

If Rose Hill wins, they’ll have a shot because of a decent point differential. If everything goes to plan, there will be only one spot moved up. They need some upsets to go their way. They need El Dorado and Wellington to pull some upsets. If they do that, they could host a playoff game. Coffeyville losing could help as well. 

If Rose Hill loses, they could drop as low as 13th with the loss but in all honesty, they’ll probably stay at the 11th spot.