Sometimes you just have to nap.

For Annabelle Adams, that’s what she did before her Championship match against freshman Isabella Sebits on Saturday night. She took a nap.

“I didn’t want to,” Adams said. “My mom told me to go lay down. I’m glad she did.”

The nap paid off as Adams beat Sebits in straight sets and won the Wichita Collegiate 4A regional.

“I’m going to nap all the time now,” Adams said.

Prior to the match, Adams had an extra hour of rest before Sebits semifinal match ended. To give both girls proper rest, they moved the match to an hour after Sebits, giving Adams two hours between matches.

“That was big,” Circle head coach Cran Chase said. “When you can get that extra rest time. That’s huge.”

Adams used all the rest and relaxation to dominate Sebits in straight sets 6-0, 6-0. The Match took less than an hour and many games had Adams giving up only one point per game.

While Adams look cool, calm and collected, it was Sebits, the freshman who showed some inexperience. Often voicing frustration to her coach between changes, it was Adams who glowed confidence.

“I had it in my mind she [Sebits] was some tennis goddess,” Adams said. “I just it all go out there tonight.”

Sebits came into the match as one of the best freshmen in the state, only experiencing five losses all season. She rolled through her matches in straight sets, only being pushed in one set. Sebits was frustrated before the match. Adams rolled through, went through a quick warm up and appeared to be the looser player.

She was. A quick 3-0 score in a matter of minutes dictated the rest of the match. Adams turned up the pressure, hitting shots more at Sebits, forcing the freshman into unforced errors.

The match was summarized in the match game. A quick 40-15 lead for Adams, capped off by an unforced error by Sebits to give Adams the Championship.

Adams was completely dominate on Saturday, not dropping a set. She never lost more than two games in a set and both of those came in her semifinal match against Collegiate’s Sonya Murphy.

Adams led the way for the Thunderbirds but the team as a whole did well. They won second at the regional, finishing a distant second to Collegiate.

Junior Lana Chase finished sixth in singles. Chase won her opening match against Findlay of Ulysses. She lost to Murphy and beat out Elsa Cozine of Wichita Trinity to qualify for state. Chase fell to Eliza Camp of Winfield in the fifth place match.

“I’m really proud of my team,” Chase said.

The Thunderbirds were able to qualify Abigale Bilson and Haley Clements for state through the doubles. The duo beat Pratt 6-2,6-2 in their first match but found themselves on the losing end to Collegiate in the second round. They were able to get by Winfield's Karr-Byo 61-63 in the consolation round, qualifying them for state. They would fall to the other Winfield duo, Woodburn-Law in the fifth place match.

“We’re going to appreciate this a little bit and then worry about Winfield,” Chase said. “These girls work hard every day in practice and this is the result.”

Last year, Circle finished seventh at state with Adams the only player placing. This season, with Chase going back to state and Circle bringing a doubles team this season, the sky is the limit for the T-Birds.

“I’m just happy to be going to state with all of my friends,” Adams said.