The Andover Trojans girl’s tennis squad placed second in the Newton Invitational on Tuesday, Sept. 10

Salina Central won the team title with 57 points, followed by Andover at 47, Arkansas City at 38 and Derby at 31. Newton scored 24 points.

Combining singles and doubles into their own, singular, brackets, Andover found themselves able to better the competition. They finished with third place and fifth place finish in singles and fourth place and ninth place in doubles.

Junior Emma Sinclair made her way to the winner’s bracket semi-finals before falling to Emery Newton of Salina Central 8-4.  Sinclair would avenge her loss by defeating Salina Central’s Callie Sanborn in the third-place match 8-2.

Her sister, sophomore Sarah Sinclair won her opening match 8-0 but fell to eventual singles champion Isabella Sebits of Wichita Trinity 8-5.

Sarah Sinclair would battle back through the loser’s bracket to take fifth place, defeating Mia Agpoon of derby 8-5.

In the doubles, it wasn’t as successful as the singles, but they held their own. Weers/Benjamin would breeze their way to the winner’s semi-finals. They were beaten by Salina Central’s duo. Weers/Benjamin would fall in the third-place match 8-6, finishing fourth.

Tantemsemboon/Tan lost their opening match but clawed their way all the way to the consolation finals. They did it in impressive fashion, winning 8-3, 8-2 and 8-4.

Andover is back on the court Thursday at Circle HS.

Team scores — Salina Central 57, Andover 47, Arkansas City 38, Derby 31, Winfield 28, Campus 25, Newton 24, Wichita Trinity Academy 22.


First round — Callie Sanborn SC bye, Eliza Camp Win. def. Selina Aguilar New. 8-1, Isabella Sebits WTA def. Claire Norton Win. 8-0, Sarah Sinclair And. def. Haley Hain AC 8-0, Emma Sinclair And. def. Linda Sanchez Cam. 8-0, Mia Agpoon Der. def. Taylor Nulik AC 8-3, Emery Newton SC def. Kalane Alumbaugh New. 8-0, Adora Weir-Dowd Der. def. Jasmin Rattanathongway Cam. 8-0.

Quarterfinals — Championship: Sanborn SC def. Camp Win. 8-2, Sebits WTA def. S.Sinclair And. 8-5, E.Sinclair And. def. Agpoon Der. 8-5, Newton SC def. Weir-Dowd Der. 8-6. Consolation: Aguilar New. bye, Norton Win. def. Hain AC 8-1, Nulik AC def. Sanchez Cam. 8-1, Rattanathongway Cam. def. Alumbaugh New. 8-4.

Semifinals — Championship: Sebits WTA def. Sanborn SC 8-7 (7-5, Newton SC def. E.Sinclair And. 8-4. Fifth-place bracket: S.Sinclair Win. def. Camp Win. 8-2, Agpoon Der. def. Weir-Dowd Der. 8-3. Ninth-place bracket — Norton Win. def. Aguilar New. 8-4, Nulik Ac def. Rattanathongway Cam. 8-2. 13th-place bracket: Hain AC bye, Alumbaugh New. def. Sanchez Cam. 8-6.

Medal round — Championship: Sebits WTA def. Newton SC 8-6. Third place: E.Sinclair And. def. Sanborn SC 8-2. Fifth place: S.Sinclair And. def. Agpoon Der. 8-5. Seventh place: Camp Win. def. Weir-Dowd Der. 8-6. Ninth place: Nulik AC def. Norton Win. 8-0. 11th place: Rattanathongway Cam. def. Aguilar New. 8-6. 13th place: Alumbaugh New. def. Hain AC 8-6. 15th place: Sanchez Cam. bye.


First round — Arnett-Messenger AC def. Weber-Toborov WTA 8-0, Karr-Byo Win. def. Towns-Dworak Der. 8-4, Sorell-Michaelis SC def. Watkins-Spreier New. 8-0, Biddle-Wells AC def. Gulledge-Nelson Cam. 8-3, Thanasouk-Wood Cam. def. Ulwelling-Yager Der. 8-3, Weers-Benjamin And. def. Priest-Badley Win. 8-0, Phelps-Geihsler SC def. Tantemsemboon-Tan And. 8-2, Gillispie-Hamm New. def. Klaassen-Dunne WTA 8-1.

Quarterfinals — Championship: Arnett-Messenger AC def. Karr-Byo Win. 8-3, Sorell-Michaelis SC def. Biddle-Wells AC 8-4, Weers-Benjamin And. def. Thanasouk-Wood Cam. 8-7 (8-6), Phelps-Geihsler SC def. Gillispie-Hamm New. 8-5. Consolation: Towns-Dworak Der. def. Weber-Todorov WRA 8-1, Gulledge-Nelson Cam. def. Watkins-Spreier New. 8-3, Ulwelling-Yager Der. def. Priest-Bradley Win. 8-6, Tantemsemboon-Tan And. def. Klaassen-Dunne WTA 8-3.

Semifinals — Championship: Arnett-Messenger AC def. Sorell-Michaelis SC 8-0, Phelps-Geihsler SC def. Weers-Benjamin And. 8-1. Fifth-place bracket: Biddle-Wells AC def. Karr-Byo WIn. 8-4, Gillispie-Hamm New. def. Thanasouk-Wood Cam. 8-6. Ninth-place bracket — Gulledge-Nelson Cam. def. Towns-Dworak Der. 8-4, Tantemsemboon-Tan And. def. Ulwelling-Yager Der. 8-2. 13th-place bracket: Watkins-Spreier New. def. Weber-Toborov WTA 8-3, Klaassen-Dunne WTA def. Priest-Bradley Win, 8-0.

Medal round — Championship: Arnett-Messenger AC def. Phelps-Geihsler SC 8-2. Third place: Sorell-Michaelis SC def. Weers-Benjamin And. 8-6. Fifth place: Gillispie-Hamm New. def. Biddle-Wells AC 8-6. Seventh place: Thanasouk-Wood Cam. def. Karr-Wyo Win. 8-7 (7-4). Ninth place: Tantemsemboon-Tan And. def. Gulledge-Nelson Cam. 8-4. 11th place: Ulwelling-Yager Der. def. Towns-Dworak Der. 8-3. 13th place: Klaassen-Dunne WTA def. Watkins-Spreier New. 8-2. 15th place: Priest-Bradley Win. def. Weber-Toborov WTA 8-3.