There was a lot of energy in all of the Butler County games on Friday night. Here are five things to take away from all of the games in Butler County.

How good is Andover Central?

The short answer: We don't know. We'll find out really quick. A showdown with Maize South on Friday will tell us a lot more about Derek Tuttle's Jaguars. While Shomari Parnell was pretty special, he still turned it over a lot. One of those interceptions was more or less a Hail Mary at the end of the second half. So, it's really two turnovers. 

The Jaguars have a lot of size in the skills positions. Matt Macy (6-1) and Xavier Bell (6-4) really give Parnell chances in the passing game others may not have. That's Division I size. The Oklahoma Sooners sport a starting line up of wide outs that are 6-2 on average. Look at Division II National Champion, Valdosta State, their starting wide receivers have an average size of 5-9. While size is only a thing; they still have to catch the ball. However, Andover Central has an immediate advantage when they walk on the field. 

Douglass flexes muscles

Douglass beat the pants off Wichita Independent on Friday night 56-6. The score was really Cole Martin beats the Panthers, but that's beside the point. Kelley Sayahnejad might have something brewing after a few losing seasons in Douglass. It's all schedule dependent, too. The Independent isn't exactly Garden Plain. Speaking of Garden Plain...

Douglass hasn't beaten Garden Plain since 1992 (according to what I could find online). I don't know if that happens this week but Douglass continues to get the kids in the right position and maybe, just maybe, the Bull Dogs will surprise someone.

Great Bend Great heartbreak

It's hard to fathom what happened in Great Bend with the Andover Trojans. It's a lot to take in. There were numerous opportunities for Andover to put the game out of reach. They missed two field goals and couldn't stop a team that had struggled to move the ball all evening. While Eli Fahnestock is might be the best quarterback in the county, it appeared he didn't have a lot of help offensively. 

A lot of close game losses last season has rolled over to this season already but as many coaches will tell you, you can learn a lot from a loss. How will Andover respond as they host Maize South on Friday night? That'll be the biggest thing you can take away from Week 1's debacle.

Improved Flint Hills

Despite the 21-0 loss on Friday night, the Flint Hills Mustangs were in a fight all night against Udall. If you compare it to last year, Udall whipped up Flint Hills 50-0. I may have said Udall was going to win 60-6 and boy was I wrong. Flint Hills was physical and won the line of scrimmage. However, seven turnovers really became the difference. Kedryn Morse had 62 yards on 10 carries to lead the Mustangs. The sun could be shining on Rosalia soon enough.

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