The Andover volleyball team finished undefeated in league play this season, which led to head coach Holly Avalos earning AVCTL II Coach of the Year in her first year with the program. Six members of the Andover volleyball team were recognized with postseason all-league honors.

First team: Brynn Wilson, Sr., Andover; Maggie Creitz, Jr., Andover; Brooklyn Strobel, Sr., Andover Central; Abbie Medbery, Jr., Goddard; Trinity Pfaff, Sr., Eisenhower; Laurel Jones, So., Maize South; Ellie Shank, Jr., Valley Center

Second team: MayaMay Brown, Fr., Andover; Sierra Norlin, Sr., Andover; Sydney Morrow, Jr., Goddard; Kade Hackerott, Jr., Goddard; Skyler Goering, Sr., Maize South; Taea Kapels, Sr., Maize South; Corinn Sokol, Sr., Maize South

Honorable mention: Caleigh heathen, So., Andover; Korynn Hasten, Jr., Andover; Ally Harris, So., Andover Central; Jacquee Jessop, Sr., Andover Central; Taryn Rich, Jr., Ark City; Maggie Musson, Jr., Ark City; Julian Eaton, Sr., Ark City; Bailey Dugan, Jr., Goddard; Hannah Brisco, Jr., Eisenhower; Morgan Bryand, Sr., Eisenhower; Phoenix Quandt, Sr., Maize South; McKinley Pruitt, Jr., Maize South; Carlie Claussen, Jr., Valley Center; Emily Kemp, Sr., Valley Center

MVP: Laurel Jones, Maize South

Coach of the Year: Holly Avalos, Andover


The Circle volleyball team had five players receive all-league recognition, while head coach Shelly Nibrager was named the AVCTL III co-coach of the year. Augusta had four players make the list, while El Dorado finished with three.

First team: Jessie Nibarger, Sr., Circle; Shelby Reeder, Jr., Circle; Carly Clennan, Jr., El Dorado; Faith Kretzer, Sr., Buhler; Jaycee Burghart, Sr., McPherson; Cassie Cooks, Jr., McPherson; Rhian Swanson, Fr., McPherson

Second team: Jadyn Jackson, So., Augusta; Maddie Livingston, Sr., Augusta; Mallory Cowman, Jr., Circle; Hadley Waldren, So., Buhler; Leah Bentley, So., Buhler; Michaela Bowers, Sr., McPherson; Michaela Seahorn, Sr., Winfield

Honorable mention: Kenzie Kirk, Sr., Augusta; Jaci Bogner, Sr., Augusta; Kayli Duncan, Jr., Circle; Addie Devine, So., Circle; Lexee Hughey, Jr., El Dorado; Jamison McCaig, So., El Dorado; Maggie McLean, Sr., Buhler; Kallie Jost, Sr., McPherson; Ali Tate, Jr., Winfield; Emma Sultz, Jr., Winfield

MVP: Jaycee Burghart, McPherson

Co-Coaches of the Year: Shelly Nibarger, Circle; Kathy Russell, Buhler

Central Plains League

The Central Plains League was stacked this season. The CPL was represented in the 2A, 3A, and 4A state tournaments. Garden Plain won a 2A state championship, while Belle Plaine made the 3A tournament, and Trinity competed at the 4A level. Douglass was the sub-state runner up, and four Bulldogs made the list of all-league players.

First team: Greely Munroe, Sr., Douglass; Katelyn Moore, Sr., Douglass; Hanna Mowdy, Sr., Belle Plaine; Kennedy Horacek, Jr., Garden Plain; Natasha Dooley, Jr., Garden Plain; Kare Heimerman, Sr., Garden Plain; Austin Brodie, So., Trinity

Second team: Tori Lijan, So., Belle Plaine; Maddie Gooch, Jr., Belle Plaine; Layne Needham, Sr., Cheney; Taryn Lonker, Sr., Cheney; Alexa Smith, Sr., Kingman; Ashley Sawyer, So., Trinity; Maggie Peterson, Sr., Trinity

Honorable mention: Jansyn Schamahorn, Sr., Douglass; Amber Scarf Sr., Douglass; Lea Morel, Jr., Belle Plaine; Cici Rathburn, Sr., Belle Plaine; Audrey Bebermeyer, Jr., Chaparral; Emma Albers,Sr., Cheney; Kylee Scheer, So., Cheney; Makenzie Curry, Sr., Conway Springs; Nikole Puetz, Sr., Garden Plain; Alli Putz, So., Garden Plain; Laeh Dean, Jr., Independent; Kyla Alojacin, Sr., Medicine Lodge; Madison England, Sr., Medicine Lodge; Lauren Matthews, Jr., Trinity Academy


All-league: Natialie Bevan, Bluestem; Addyson Emmons, Bluestem; Torrance Lovesee, Bluetem; Kassie Vining, Cherryvale; Molly LaForge, Erie; Catie Elliot, Erie; Ashlyn Aikins, Erie; Brooklyn Hilton, Eureka; Gracie Ingalls, Eureka; Aricah McCall, Humboldt; Kaylie Johnson, Humboldt; Alayna Johnson, Humboldt; Sophia Rohling, Neodesha; Sydney Songer, Neodesha

Honorable mention: Courtney Stickler, Caney Valley; Jordan Rooks, Caney Valley; Hailey Broyles, Eureka; Chaynee Johnson, Neodesha

South Central Border League

First team: Cari Brown, Flinthills; Sarah Hinnen, Flinthills; Cora Vineyard, Argonia; Baylee Booker, Argon; Ivy Berline, Caldwell; Taylor Hopper, Udall; Corbin Goodson, Udall

Second team: Alexis Vineyard, Argon; Aubreigh Haxton, Argon; Reagan Warburton, Cedar Vale-Dexter; Megg Lebeda, Caldwell; Brionna Byers, South Haven; Zoe Lampton, West Elk; Hayley Helms, West Elk

Honorable mention: Harley Ratcliff, Flinthills; Nyah Brown, Flinthills; Riley Ferguson, Cedar Vale-Dexter; Sammie Strand, Caldwell; Whitley Liebau, Central; Erin Gaither, Oxford; Mackenzie Thorne, Sedan; Cynae Wiley, South Haven; Madison Houdeshell, Udall