After a runner-up finish in the KCLB (Kansas Collegiate League Baseball) the Kansas Cannons will enter the 84th National Baseball Congress World Series at Lawrence-Dumont Stadium in Wichita beginning this weekend.

Lawrence-Dumont Stadium has been home to the NBC World Series since 1935, but this year will be the last world series played in the historic stadium.

The Cannons are no stranger to the NBC World Series, as the team has qualified for the tournament in 7 of the last 8 seasons.

This year, the Cannons are led by first-year head coach Will Powell, who will be teaching and coaching high school baseball in Tennessee following the NBC World Series.


“They’re going to thrive in a big environment,” said Powell.

“They’re really looking forward to it, and it will be fun to see how it plays out. We played 45 games in 50 days, so it’s been a long grind. They’ve done a really good job staying after it, and they’re really excited for the world series.”

Powell emphasized the team’s youth and that he believes it will be an advantage heading into the tournament.

“The youth is kind of on our side because they’re still hungry and they’ve sill got a big future ahead of them,” added Powell.

“We’ve got some junior college guys, and this is helping them get further in their career as well.

The Cannons Organization moved to Augusta in 2016, and has qualified for the NBC World Series in all but one season since then. Powell attributed the sustained success to the team’s owner.

“Our general manager and our owner, Rod (Stevenson), has done a great job every year of trying to bring on guys that are going to be good character guys and are going to mesh well,” said Powell.

“He likes to get younger guys who have a future ahead of them.”

The Cannons will begin pool play on Saturday, July 28 with a 7:00 p.m. game against the Colorado Sox. Kansas Regional and GPS Baseball Texas are the other two teams that will compete in the